This month's show

It's always a good weekend when a gallery debuts a few of your recent pieces, but even better when one of them makes it on TV.

The Wild show reception was hosted by the Fraser St. Gallery on November 6. For the remainder of the month, it will feature a suite of drawings I've been working on since last spring called Flowers of Death Metal, including The Infernal Elegies of Catullus (at far left--the other pieces are by other artists.) Flowers of Death Metal was inspired by a series of photos I took at an orchid show last spring. This project was stewing away for quite some time and I'm pretty pleased with the results, as they're my first attempts at a serious application of color theory via watercolor.
They're flower drawings. Drawn while I was listening to death metal. Pretty simple. According to my statement, they explore "dualistic, non-oppositional impulses that combine beauty with repulsion, intuition with rationality, and creation with death, while displaying the psychic violence resulting from attempts to fit them into formal structures of logic, language, or aesthetics." OK, maybe not so simple. But that's what artist's statements are supposed to do, right?
Anyway, you could wait until the end of the month to see Infernal Elegies and "Silence, Persephone" posted here, but why not just visit the show and come to your own conclusions?