Wow, everyone. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Between getting moved in, having a gallery show, the winter holidays, hacking away at a big freelance gig, and my ordinary day job, I've been (very) lazy about keeping the blog up to date.
The good news is that Ghost is completed and was well-received at the show. It's the thumbnail for the "Land Lit By Shadows" gallery and can be visited there. Since I stopped offering regular updates, I'll just say that it progressed through many rounds of pen-and-ink work alternating with ink washes--each round increasing in pigment saturation--and finally finishing with highlights of white gouache and gouache/ink mixes. I've found that mixing touches of gouache into some slightly diluted (with water) acrylic ink A: gets you a wider variety of colors than by mixing inks alone, but also B: dries more evenly and smoothly than gouache alone and C: offsets some of the color changes that happen to gouache as it dries.
I've been so pleased with this combination of acrylic ink and gouache that I used it as the basis for my next work, Maledictus Lucus, Nihil Vitae, which can also be found in the "Land Lit By Shadows" gallery. I'm using this gallery as a storage spot for thematically similar works--namely, ones focusing on manmade ruins that have been overgrown by nature.
In fact, I've been so lazy about keeping up the blog that I'm already more than halfway through a large (16x20") still life that I'll submit to another show in May. Since it's almost finished as well, I won't blog about it, but I promise I'll have at least a sneak peek here before it gets a live audience.
In the meantime, here's a photo of Ghost sitting in its frame used for publicity/social media back in December:

See you soon(er) next time.